Flags of U.R.E.

Flags of U.R.E.
Interactive Web Application, 2019

“Flags of U.R.E.” is an¬†experimental remix tool that uses the flag of the European Union as its canvas. The piece wants to explore which new meanings can be developed when modifying the symbolic representation of a political system.

To this end the geometric rule set of an existing flag design is recreated in code and parameterized. An interactive application in the form of a casual creator enables visitors to change various aspects of the design. Parameters include: number of stars, displacement of stars, rotation, color, et cetera. The user interface is not labelled on purpose, forcing the visitors to playfully explore the possibility space, constantly questioning what exactly it is, that they are changing.

Since the design of flags incorporates a lot of symbolic meaning, modifying the design will also have an influence on the story the flag initially wanted to convey.

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Only works on desktop browsers.